Savannah's Story

May 29, 2019

Savannah’s Unmedicated Birth

Savannah and baby Owen
Savannah Johnston with baby, Owen
Savannah Johnston of Wilsonville knew she wanted an unmedicated birth. She had a strong desire to experience birth as God intended. She also really liked the idea that it would be less invasive to the baby and she wanted to feel like she was more in control. And with two small children at home, the possibility of an easier recovery was appealing.

After doing some research, Savannah found Dr. Huggins, M.D. at Alabama Women’s Specialists. Dr. Huggins was very supportive of her birth plan and hope of an unmedicated birth.

On April 23rd, Savannah went into labor and arrived at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center around midnight. After hearing that Dr. Huggins was on vacation, she met his covering physician, Dr. Jamie Routman, M.D. Dr. Routman committed to staying past her shift to ensure that she was able to follow her birth plan and provide Savannah with a great experience.

Savannah labored on the yoga ball throughout the night with nurses by her side supporting her during each contraction. “Dr. Routman and the nurses cheered me on every step of the way. They continuously reminded me that I could do it!”

Baby Owen arrived at 8:24 a.m. after a peaceful delivery. “It was so empowering to experience natural, unmedicated childbirth. Your body truly is an amazing thing.”

“It was one of the most beautiful deliveries I’ve ever been a part of,” said Dr. Routman. “It’s so rewarding to see your patient overcome the pain and the fear, and even times of self-doubt, to feeling strength and motivation.”

Savannah still beams with excitement over her experience.

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