Lan’s Birth Story - “A Christmas Miracle”

Dec 27, 2022
You may remember Lan Burnette, 42, from our previous story about four Brookwood employees from our rehab floor, who were all expecting little ones around the same time. While we didn’t expect Lan’s little bundle of joy until January, there was a little change of plans.
“I was planning to work until my induction date in January,” Lan said. But, in just a matter of moments, Lan went from working and delivering care throughout her shift to going to the staff office and needing to receive care. She experienced a placenta abruption while she was in the acute care office at work, this happens when the placenta separates from the inner wall of the uterus before birth. This required baby Kylie to be delivered five weeks early by emergency C-section.

Upon all this happening, her manager Nikesha Upshaw (also mentioned in the previous story) stepped in and wheeled her over to labor and delivery. She gave kudos to several staff members for the smooth transition in such an emergent situation.

“If I was not at work and if not for the excellent teamwork in women's labor and delivery, this would not have been a birth story or announcement we would be making. I owe my life and my daughter’s life to the staff here. From an employee of 12 years and now being able to witness such great care as a patient, a simple thank you doesn't feel like enough. I am beyond grateful for everyone who stepped up and stepped in that Tuesday afternoon.”

Kylie Mai was born on December 6, weighing 4 lbs, 8 oz and measuring 16.5 inches. She has an older sister and brother who were also excited for their family’s newest addition.

Lan has been working at Brookwood in acute care as an Occupational Therapist for 12 years and shared her thoughts on going through her second pregnancy alongside her coworkers.

"It was a very good experience to go through my second pregnancy with all my co-workers as we all were able to bond over the symptoms we were experiencing and providing advice to our first time moms as Gabby Conde and I were doing this a
second time,” she said.
“It definitely made the pregnancy experience much more exciting. I suppose Kylie didn’t want to miss out on being born this year with all the boys," she said mentioning Kylie being the only girl among the other little ones from her teammates who delivered in early November. With one mom having twin boys and the other two moms also delivering little boys, Kylie makes the first girl among this group of moms.

The most chilling part about Lan’s story is the reality that every second counts and how she felt blessed to be at the hospital when this happened, she feels it made all the difference in the outcome.

“Basically, if I had been anywhere else besides the hospital and because of the efficiency of how fast the team worked to stop the bleeding and deliver Kylie, I wouldn't be here today talking to you about this miracle birth story,” she said. “Those were also the words from my doctor that had I came in 5 to 10 minutes later it would've been a different story of how severe my placenta abruption was and how crucial it was to be efficient and fast to keep me and Kylie safe because basically both our lives were in danger.”

After such an experience, Lan shared more about her time of reflection and she said she feels prayer and her faith contributed to the great outcome for her and her daughter.
Lan's Baby “I lost my mom three years ago and Kylie's middle name is my mom's name and so I know that there's a reason God saved me and her because Kylie is destined for great things and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mom was watching over us that day,” she said.

Given baby Kylie made an early appearance, she spent a short time in the NICU and Lan said though, it was difficult, she is so thankful to the staff for the great care they both received. She also added the NICView Cameras, which are all installed in each NICU room for parents to view their baby via an app on their phone if they have to step away, gave her family extra piece of mind.

“While I was recovering from post C-section in my hospital room and as I made the transition home, it gave me relief knowing I could watch my baby live so it made the separation not be as bad. As a new mom and for all parents, the idea of not
being able to take your baby home is devastating and heartbreaking but the NICView camera gave us a peace of mind,” she said.

Lan-300x200 After her NICU stay and passing all the needed checks to properly graduate, Kylie was discharged on December 15 and went home with her family. Lan shared she was so excited and proud of her little fighter to make it home for the holiday.

“I, my family, and my boyfriend Micah Kimbrell's family cannot thank the ENTIRE STAFF here at Brookwood for giving us the exceptional care during the most scariest time of our lives and for Dr. Jack Freeman (My OBGYN) and the assist of Dr. John Morgan in my C-section and Annette (the NICU nurse manager) for overseeing Kylie's care from the minute she was born,” she recalled. “Two words that come to mind still are BLESSED and GRATEFUL for the care and for giving me the best Christmas miracle ever...our feisty "delicious" firecracker Kylie Mai Kimbrell! (Delicious was a nickname given to Kylie by a NICU staff member because they felt she was adorable) Brookwood is and will always be home for me and they treated me like family and cared for me like family.”

Lan and her family are extremely grateful for the care they received at Brookwood Women’s Center and shared a few names they remembered along the way. She shared there are too many to mention and everyone was so amazing, but she did want to give kudos to the following staff members - Dr. Jack Freeman, her OBGYN; Dr. John Morgan, OBGYN who assisted with her C-section: Annette Ingle, NICU nurse manager; Nikesha Upshaw, Lan’s manager on rehab; Linda Edmonds and Madelyn Adams, who helped with getting her to the labor and delivery dept; Dr. Vick DiCarlo, Neonatologist; Maggie, Kylie’s Occupational Therapist; Savannah and Mary Ann from Labor and Delivery; nurses from the postpartum mother/baby floor included Erikka, Cierra, Katherine, Naomi, Anna, Alicia, Alandria and Vicki; nurses from the NICU included Brittney, Molly, Alice, Taylor and Hannah and she also mentioned her tech Lee Ann and all of the Brookwood family who cared for her family when they needed it most.

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