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Formerly Brookwood Medical Center and Baptist Health System, Brookwood Baptist Health unifies two of the largest resources for high-quality, affordable healthcare for the citizens of Central Alabama. With roots extending nearly a century, the network’s community of care is comprised of five acute care hospitals with more than 1,700 licensed beds: Brookwood Baptist Medical Center, Princeton Baptist Medical Center, Shelby Baptist Medical Center, Walker Baptist Medical Center and Citizens Baptist Medical Center.

Brookwood Baptist Health also provides patients with the largest primary care network in the state, which includes approximately 60 primary and specialty care clinics; approximately 1,500 affiliated physicians; and nearly 7,300 employees. Through innovative and compassionate patient care, our collective effort will strengthen our mission to empower our communities to live happier, healthier lives.

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Glass Master: Homewood’s Andrew Tyson Is Self-taught Artist

Jul 6, 2015
Over the Mountain Journal – May 5 – Andrew Tyson is a man of many talents — when he isn’t working full time at Brookwood Medical Center, he’s honing his talents as a professional photographer and creating artwork.

selfportrait-2015-216x300Tyson is a lifelong Homewood resident and calls himself a self-taught artist.

“I was rejected from art in high school because my teacher didn’t approve me (for the class),” Tyson said. “After high school, I took up photography as my means of creative expression, and it wasn’t until college that I began to draw. I was going to have to take art, but my program director indicated that I was better than their teacher, so instead he had me produce a certain number of drawings, and I got exempted from taking art. In high school I was rejected from art and in college I was exempted – go figure.”

Andrew Tyson uses glass found in Homewood Park creek to creat his stained glass works of art. Photos special to the Journal

Tyson draws inspiration through the grace of God, he said. His interest in stained glass was sparked when he decided to create a large piece for his backyard. After taking a class on stained glass, he began experimenting.

“I began to try different things,” Tyson said. “In the process, I found that I had an abundant supply of colored glass right in my backyard — Homewood Park creek. I like knowing that I am creating ‘art’ by cleaning out the local creek and area.”

After he collects glass, Tyson brings it home and smashes it up in a plastic tub before placing it in a rock tumbler. The tumbler smooths the edges while also giving the glass a frosted look, he said. Once this process is completed, Tyson begins working on putting together what he calls a large jigsaw puzzle without a picture.

Tyson collects glass from two main sources. He has a spot at Central Park and over towards Green Springs Highway where he can find ample glass easily, he said. However, he isn’t afraid to divulge his sources.


“I had someone ask me, ‘If everyone began to go to the creek and collect the glass, aren’t you afraid that the glass would no longer be found?’” Tyson said. “I am quick to say I have no problem with that. It would be nice to have all of the glass gone. If more people could get inspired with the thought of gathering and recycling the glass around town, then that would be wonderful.”

Those interested in Tyson’s work can see it at Little House Gallery in Homewood or at annual shows presented by the Mountain Brook Art Association, of which Tyson is a member.

He has also been published multiple times in Birmingham Arts Journal and has partnered with Miss Alabama Pageant for a decade doing portraits of winners.

His artwork was recently selected to be displayed at Brookwood Medical Center as a part of its Earth Day celebration.