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Formerly Brookwood Medical Center and Baptist Health System, Brookwood Baptist Health unifies two of the largest resources for high-quality, affordable healthcare for the citizens of Central Alabama. With roots extending nearly a century, the network’s community of care is comprised of five acute care hospitals with more than 1,700 licensed beds: Brookwood Baptist Medical Center, Princeton Baptist Medical Center, Shelby Baptist Medical Center, Walker Baptist Medical Center and Citizens Baptist Medical Center.

Brookwood Baptist Health also provides patients with the largest primary care network in the state, which includes approximately 60 primary and specialty care clinics; approximately 1,500 affiliated physicians; and nearly 7,300 employees. Through innovative and compassionate patient care, our collective effort will strengthen our mission to empower our communities to live happier, healthier lives.

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Brookwood Baptist Health Launches iSchemaView RAPID Imaging Platform, Supporting Expanded Treatment Window Guidelines for Stroke Patients

May 3, 2019

Brookwood Baptist Health Launches iSchemaView’s RAPID™ Imaging Platform, Supporting Expanded Treatment Window Guidelines for Stroke Patients  

iSchemaView RAPID Imaging Platform

New Imaging Solution Provides Automated Assessment of Blood Flow Disruptions in the Brain


To kickoff National Stroke Awareness Month, Brookwood Baptist Health is pleased to announce the launch of the RAPID imaging platform from iSchemaView, bringing one of the most advanced brain imaging software platforms for identifying treatment options for stroke patients to its Birmingham-area hospitals and freestanding emergency department. Recently adopted by American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, RAPID is a new class of automated brain imaging software that allows doctors to quickly visualize reductions in blood flow to the brain and early signs of brain injury.

In addition to having the broadest FDA clearance of any imaging software designed to measure blood flow in the brain, RAPID is the only platform that is clinically validated in more than 10 major trials. The RAPID platform was the exclusive imaging system used for patient selection for two landmark stroke trials published in The New England Journal of Medicine, DAWN and DEFUSE 3, that successfully treated patients up to twenty-four hours after onset. The results of these studies changed the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association’s 2018 stroke guidelines to expand the stroke treatment window from six hours to 24 hours for eligible patients.

Developed by leading stroke experts, the RAPID Artificial Intelligence framework combines deep learning, machine learning and expert feature extraction. Together these provide unparalleled sensitivity and specificity across stroke modules (CT perfusion, MR diffusion and perfusion, and CTA). Results are then delivered by the RAPID Intelligence Services Platform via PACS, email, text, the RAPID APP or other workflow systems.

“Implementation of the RAPID platform across our Birmingham-area hospitals enables us to continue to provide the most advanced care in the treatment of stroke and assures patients that our team of highly skilled physicians are armed with the most powerful technology to allow them to visualize blood flow disruptions to the brain and make immediate critical decisions,” stated Tim Puthoff, CEO, Brookwood Baptist Health.

The RAPID platform enables physicians to easily communicate about the extent of a patient’s blood flow changes in the brain. Results for all of the modules described above are immediately available to doctors via email, mobile app or hospital communication systems (devoid of private health information) for viewing on any device.

According to Jitendra Sharma, MD, interventional neurologist and director of Brookwood Baptist Medical Center’s Stroke Team, “Last year, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association designated Brookwood Baptist Medical Center as the only Honor Roll Elite+ hospital in the Birmingham area in the treatment of stroke. By meeting this criteria as the only hospital in the Birmingham area and one of only two hospitals statewide, Brookwood Baptist Medical Center established the fastest door-to-needle time in administering potentially lifesaving t-PA among Birmingham area hospitals. Through the deployment of the RAPID platform, which enables our physicians to identify blood flow changes in the brain using mobile technology - by receiving data anytime, anywhere - we can continue to provide our patients with the most cutting-edge care available in the treatment of stroke.”

RAPID MRI provides fully automated, easy to interpret blood flow maps that identify brain areas that are damaged or very susceptible to injury. RAPID MRI automatically quantifies regions of reduced cerebral blood flow providing doctors with the fastest, most accurate imaging tool for quick decision-making.

RAPID CTP automatically quantifies regions of reduced cerebral blood flow, providing color-coded maps that allow physicians to easily identify areas of the brain that are injured or at risk for a stroke.

RAPID CTA automatically provides clear, easy to interpret maps of the blood vessels which include a colored overlay to identify brain regions with reduced vessel density. The severity of reduction can be readily visualized by a simple, four-color-coded scale. Additionally, a 3D-reconstruction of the vasculature allows physicians to rotate the image for optimal viewing of the vessels from multiple angles.

“We are extremely gratified to bring RAPID to the clinicians and patients of Brookwood, Princeton and Shelby Medical Centers, along with the Brookwood Freestanding Emergency Department,” said Don Listwin, CEO of iSchemaView. “Our mission is to help health care professionals, who have long been held back by incomplete or slow information and imaging technology, to better facilitate quick and accurate diagnoses, care and referrals. As more than 1000 stroke centers worldwide adopt RAPID, Birmingham area patients can be confident that the Brookwood Baptist Health System is putting the most innovative and accurate imaging solutions to work on their behalf.”

About iSchemaView

iSchemaView is the worldwide leader in advanced imaging for stroke. Installed in over 1,000 hospitals, iSchemaView’s RAPID (automated CTP, MRI, CTA and ASPECTS), with enhanced AI framework, is the most advanced stroke imaging platform. In clinical trials, RAPID has been shown to aid in the selection of patients in early and late-window stroke trials, including SWIFT PRIME, EXTEND IA, DAWN, DEFUSE 3 and EXTEND. In addition to achieving the best clinical outcomes and largest treatment effects ever obtained, these landmark studies led to new American Heart Association and American Stroke Association guidelines and have dramatically altered the management of acute stroke around the world. For more information, visit www.RAPID.ai