Whitney Bruner's Story

Apr 8, 2022

Congratulations to Cody and Whitney Bruner of Montevallo, who welcomed their twin girls, Zoey Kate and Blakely Emerson on March 1, 2022! Zoey Kate weighed 5 lbs. and Blakely Emerson Weighed 4lbs., 15oz.

Whitney is a patient of Dr. Saul Weinreb, OBGYN affiliated with Shelby Baptist Medical Center. She shared that her family has had a great experience with the Women’s Center staff, as they “were all such a big help and we felt so comfortable.”

Having the twins born on March 1st was very special to the Bruner family. As Whitney explained, “Cody’s brother died from testicular cancer and March 1st was his birthday.”

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Cody and Whitney took their beautiful twins home to their blended family of four more daughters, two of whom are also twins! “We can’t wait to bring them home because the girls are so excited to see them,” Whitney said. She added that they are so grateful for their “village” that helps them care for the girls. When asked how they plan to tell the newborn twins apart, they smiled and said they are prepared with plenty of toe nail polish to help avoid any mix-ups!

The Labor and Delivery Department of Shelby Baptist Medical Center, with Dr. Weinreb, was honored to be a part of welcoming the twins into this world. We wish the Bruner Family all the best in their journey and thank them for trusting us during these precious moments!

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