The Elliotts Reflect on their IVF Journey

May 29, 2019

The Elliotts Reflect on their IVF Journey

Couple Shares Advice to Others Battling Infertility

We’ve learned a lot about the Elliotts over the past few weeks and now they are new parents so they have had a lot of learning to do!

Callie and Brad photo collage
Over the past few weeks, we have highlighted the Elliotts IVF Journey leading up to National Infertility Awareness Week.
They say it has been a blessing to be surrounded by supportive family and friends along the way.

From IVF to the Delivery to Kase’s Nursery Room, the Elliotts have experienced a lot as a young couple and offer this as a reflection of their entire experience:

We went through three IUIs and then IVF to then transition into pregnancy. We heard a lot of “nos” before we got to a “yes, you are pregnant,” but then the next journey began. Pregnancy had its milestones too. There was the hematoma that caused a lot of bleeding leaving us scared and Callie wondering whether it could have been a miscarriage. Thankfully, we found out everything was still fine and we still had a baby on board. Though Kase made his grand entrance a bit different than we thought, we are now proud parents of a happy, healthy baby boy and we couldn’t be happier. If there a few things we can share with other couples it would be:

  • Be sure to choose the right care
  • Let this journey strengthen your relationship
  • Remain prayerful as a couple
  • Listen to each other and really hear what the other is saying
  • Realize delivery may not happen like YOU planned, but it happens according to God’s plan
  • Don’t forget to make memories and have fun with family
  • After delivery, it’s okay to rest and see family later. Your health and time with the baby is important
  • As you journey into parenthood, if you have friends and family around it sure helps to have their support as you transition to all things new in your life!
  • Also, we are so glad “We Never Gave Up!”

We sure hope you enjoyed getting to know Brad and Callie Elliott. We sure did! We wish them the best as new parents and thank them so much for sharing their story with us and hopefully encouraging far more couples than they will ever know.

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Photo Collage of Baby Kase

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