Kristin's Birth Story

May 29, 2019

Kristin Clark  

Dr. Maurine Batson, OB/GYN with OB-GYN South at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center


Even before Kristin Clark found out that she was pregnant, she knew she wanted an unmedicated labor. She also knew that the path to the eventual birth of her child without medication would be long and difficult, which is why she chose to give birth to her son at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center.

“I really wanted to fully experience my birth and the empowerment that comes with it. I wanted to do it for myself. I don’t have a fear of medicine, I just wanted to feel that empowerment and experience it.”

After Kristin found out that she was pregnant with her son, she started her research into how to successfully have an unmedicated labor. Since she was a low-risk pregnancy, her physician didn’t see anything that would prevent her from proceeding, and supported her fully. After hours of research, reading and studying, Kristin decided to attend the unmedicated birthing class at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center to better prepare for the big day.

“The classes helped more than I expected. I was apprehensive about my labor because I didn’t know if I could do it or what it would feel like, but the instructors were experienced, encouraging and helpful. They did a fantastic job of describing how to make it through an unmedicated birth plan,” she said.

All of her preparation came in handy when Kristin’s labor started eleven days before her due date. She labored at home until her water broke, then made her way to Brookwood Baptist Medical Center to meet her doula. Her doula and nurses helped her through her labor, keeping her calm and helping her with techniques to minimize her pain, such as getting in different positions or getting in the shower.

“The key to getting through the pain is to take it one contraction at a time and just stay in the moment. Everyone was amazed by how calm I was. I was just in my own space; I couldn’t even talk! I just had to nod or shake my head when the nurses asked me questions.”

After sixteen hours of labor, her son Kyle was born. She was even able to catch him herself – just like she had outlined in her birth plan.

“I loved every bit of my experience. I was amazed by how the nurses really listened to what I wanted and fought for me. They let me do my thing – from getting in the shower to being on my hands and knees. I never felt any pressure from them, just support. They did everything that they could to support me and my birth plan.”

Dr. Maurine Batson, OB/GYN with OB-GYN South at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center and Kristin’s attending physician, was also helpful and supportive during her labor.

“Dr. Batson was so caring and supportive of me during labor. She came and checked on me so much, but was as hands-off as I asked her to be. She let me do what I wanted to do, but I always knew she was there if I needed her. She even prayed with us after Kyle was born, which was so special that she took the time to do that.”

“We always try to support our patients in the best way for them,” said Dr. Batson. “Having a baby is such an important time in your life, and those memories stay with you forever.”

Now, Kristin tells everyone about her great experience and how her birth went exactly how she had planned.

“I would say absolutely go to Brookwood Baptist Medical Center if you want an unmedicated birth. The staff was amazing and had so much experience. They helped make my plan happen in every way that they possibly could. Just vocalize your desires and birth plan to your doctors and really prepare mentally for it. It is an intense journey, but worth it in the end.”

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