Kimberly's NICU Story

Jul 17, 2019

It’s always been a dream of Kimberly Hollman, 22, to become a NICU nurse and care for new mothers and their babies. But now after welcoming her new twin girls, she has experienced the care firsthand.

On May 22, Kimberly delivered babies Naomi and Nevaeh (which is Heaven spelled backwards) at 28 weeks at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center. Due to their early arrival, the twins were admitted to Brookwood’s NICU.

baby naomi“I had always heard great things about Brookwood and my OBGYN is Dr. Justin Aldred, so I was glad to have my care here because the staff is so great,” she said.

At 23 weeks, Kimberly had to be placed on bed-rest due to some complications from her pregnancy.

“I was more scared then because I wanted them to be ok, we wanted to make sure their health was fine,” she said.

She was admitted on April 26 of this year, so she spent some time with the High-Risk OB staff in addition to the NICU nurses.

Kimberly with Nurses“All of my nurses were great. They knew I was a bit scared at times and they spent time talking with me and I really appreciated them caring,” she said.

Brookwood’s NICView cameras have allowed Kimberly the ability to leave the hospital and still have peace of mind that her girls are doing fine.

NICView, only offered at Brookwood Baptist (in the Birmingham area), is a camera installed in the room above each baby, where the patient receives a secure passcode to see their baby when they are away. The code can also be shared with family and friends who may live out of state.

Though this family’s time in the NICU may seem long, a graduation day for the twins could be near. NICU nurse manager, Annette Ingle shared as both babies are reaching four pounds and feeding properly with their mom, it could be a matter of weeks before they could go home.

Kimberly is a student from Birmingham studying to be a medical assistant with the hopes of being a NICU nurse one day. We wish Kimberly and her beautiful twin girls all the best!

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