Jessica's Story

Jul 21, 2021

jessica“It’s the people for me … ”

Calera mother shares an update on her preemie born at Shelby Baptist Medical Center

Even two years following little Westyn’s graduation from the neonatal intensive care unit at Shelby Baptist Medical Center, Jessica Pease still gets emotional thinking about the care both she and her son received.

“I had preeclampsia and I was very scared. It wasn’t easy being told I would have to deliver my baby early,” she said. “But, the nurses went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and to make sure I knew they cared about me.”

The Calera mom remembered Wendy, a nurse she referred to as “her angel on Earth.”

Jessica-3“I remember when Wendy was monitoring Westyn’s heart rate and even though everything was fine and she could stop, (Wendy) said she felt in her gut to continue for just a while longer. Moments later, his heart rate dropped and they saw that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice. (Wendy’s) decision could have very well saved his life and I still get emotional talking about it.”

After being delivered via an emergency C-section, Westyn spent 81 days in the Shelby Baptist NICU. 

From a 1 pound, 12-ounce preemie to a healthy and happy two-year-old, Jessica is proud to report Westyn is doing great and is developmentally on track.

Jessica-2“God has been super GOD in taking care of (Westyn) and we are so grateful,” she said. 

She summed up her experience with Shelby Baptist:

“I had preeclampsia and basically lived at the hospital for about three months with my son. Because of their care, knowledge, passion, and love, we are both alive and Westyn is a perfect little boy. They were professional and kind. There were even nights where the nurses had to hold the fetal heart beat monitor on my stomach for hours to track his heart rate. They celebrated with us with hugs and tears when we graduated from the NICU. God used everyone there to bless us abundantly. Shelby Baptist Labor and Delivery and NICU staff are simply angels on Earth.”

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