Tommy’s Story

Aug 18, 2021

When Tommy Shields Sr. began to have some fainting spells, he knew he needed to seek medical attention for an explanation. Accompanied by Linda, his wife of 61 years, Tommy chose Princeton Baptist Medical Center for care and says he is glad he did.

“When we came in, everyone was so cordial and pleasant,” Linda Shields said. “They were also quick to answer our questions and had great attitudes.”

Tommy was a patient of Dr. David Sibley, an interventional cardiologist affiliated with Princeton Baptist Medical Center. Tommy said, “We are so appreciative of Dr. Sibley and the team at Princeton for all they did for us.”

The Shields are originally from Ball Play, which is about an hour away from Princeton, but they said they still choose Princeton because of the quality patient care they deliver. Linda shared the couple’s faith has played a significant role in getting them through times like these and one of the reasons they have been married for more than six decades.

“God was surely with us there at Princeton,” she said. “Even when Tommy got ready to go home, there was a gentlemen that rolled him in the wheelchair singing, ‘How Great Thou Art’ and all I could think to myself was ‘You got that right! We truly serve a great God.’”

Just almost a week out of the hospital, Linda says her husband is doing a lot better and has enough strength to go to the porch for some fresh air.

“The team (at Princeton Baptist) did everything in their power to make sure we were well taken care of and for that we are so grateful,” Linda said.

shields-family tommy-shields-family

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