Mickey's Heart Story

Aug 10, 2019

Through the Eyes of His Stepdaughter

For Amanda, Father’s Day this year had an extra special meaning. Because just three months prior to that day, her stepdad Mickey Wood had a life-threatening visit to Brookwood’s Freestanding Emergency Department.

Mickey's Heart StoryAs an ER nurse at the FED, where her stepdad was treated, it takes a lot for Amanda to lose her calm. But, seeing her stepdad admitted as a heart attack patient definitely brought her to a state of fear.

“It was about 2:15 a.m. when he told me he was hurting,” she said. “So I had my little brother get my daughter and drive him to the FED, where I work.”

She was able to meet them there when they arrived and though, she was scared, she knew her stepdad was in great hands.

“I know that there is such heart-felt, quality care given here (at the FED), so I knew this was the place to take my stepdad,” she said. “He was given the best care here.”

When I arrived, I remember he said to me jokingly, “I didn’t know you could scare an ER nurse.” After assessing the situation, it became obvious that Mickey needed to go to Brookwood Baptist and be admitted to the cath lab for treatment.

“It was determined that my stepdad had 100% occlusion of his right coronary artery. After the cardiologist placed four stents, he then was sent to cardiac intensive care.”

Mickey's Heart StoryAside from working at the FED, Amanda said there are plenty of reasons to use the FED if there is an event of an emergency.

“We strive for the FED to be fast, efficient and clean,” she said. “We want patients to feel welcomed and a part of the family. I wouldn’t have brought someone so close to me, if I wasn’t confident in the care he would receive. “

All in all, it was different for Amanda to be on the other side of the care situation. But, she is grateful for the teammates and the staff at the FED for all they do to help patients in their time of need.

So, why was Father’s Day extra special for Amanda?

Not only did she get the invaluable gift of still having her stepdad there with her, he also got a great three month report from his cardiologist.

“Because there was no delay in getting to the hospital and the cath lab team was there to assist, there was ZERO damage to his heart!” she said.

She said that was indeed the best news to receive near such a special holiday.

Mickey is shown at top with his stepdaughter Amanda and he is shown below with Amanda’s daughters on a trip to the lake.

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