Cancer Genetics Center

If you have several family members with cancer, especially the same type of cancer, or if you have family members who had cancer at a younger age than normal for that type of cancer, if you have close relatives with rare cancers that are linked to inherited cancer syndromes, or if you have a physical diagnosis linked to an inherited cancer (such as having many colon polyps) you might consider genetic testing for yourself. 

Our Services

The staff at the Brookwood Cancer Genetics Center identifies, counsels, and helps people who are at risk to develop certain types of hereditary cancer such as breast and ovarian cancer. The staff works closely with patients to evaluate family history, develop a cancer risk assessment for your individual situation, and works hand-in-hand with patients to evaluate family history, develop a personalized cancer risk assessment and, if warranted, offer advanced genetic testing. Led by a genetic counselor, our team provides ongoing education and helps patients make informed decisions about their health. They will refer you to physician specialists and other hospital resources.

Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancers

You and your doctor will be able to make more informed decisions about your health, before cancer has a chance to develop, if you know your risk. If any of these apply to you or a close family member, you should consider testing for Hereditary Cancer syndrome:

•   Breast cancer before age 50

•   Ovarian cancer at any age

•   Colon cancer before age 50

•   Endometrial cancer before age 50

•   An individual with two primary cancers

•   An individual of family having both breast and ovarian cancer

•   Male breast cancer at any age

•   A family with two or more breast cancers, one under age 50

•   Breast or ovarian cancer at any age in women of Ashkenazi Jewish descent

 For more information, call the Brookwood Cancer Genetics Center at (205) 877-5298.