Support Group 

It’s not just about losing. It’s about living. 

No matter what you may have heard, weight loss surgery is not a one-and-done miracle cure. It truly can be a life-changing option with the right follow-up care. After your surgery, our first priority is providing you with education and encouragement to help you thrive with a new, healthier lifestyle, proper nutrition and active living.  

See the upcoming schedule below for our support group meetings, where our program leaders share practical advice and information relevant to patients in any stage of their surgical weight loss journey. These meetings are open to pre-ops, post-ops, or anyone thinking of having a bariatric procedure.


Meetings are held in the Brookwood Medical Plaza, Suite 320.


April 26 (Tuesday) at 5:30pm
May 24 (Tuesday) at 5:30pm
June 28 (Tuesday) at 5:30pm
July 26 (Tuesday) at 5:30pm
August 23 (Tuesday) at 5:30pm
September 27 (Tuesday) at 5:30pm
October 25 (Tuesday) at 5:30pm
November 22 (Tuesday) at 5:30pm
December 13 (Tuesday) at 5:30pm


Meetings are held in the Comprehensive Bariatric Center which is located in POB 2, Suite 120.


April 12 (Tuesday) at 5pm
April 23 (Saturday) at 11am
May 10 (Tuesday) at 5pm
June 14 (Tuesday) at 5pm
June 25 (Saturday) at 11am
July 12 (Tuesday) at 5pm
July 23 (Saturday) at 11am
August 9 (Tuesday) at 5pm
August 27 (Saturday) at 11am
September 13 (Tuesday) at 5pm
September 24 (Saturday) at 11am
October 11 (Tuesday) at 5pm
October 22 (Saturday) at 11am
November 15 (Tuesday) at 5pm
December 13 (Tuesday) at 5pm