Heart Health, Cardiac Care and Cardiovascular Treatment

We take cardiac care to heart

Brookwood Baptist Health offers an online tool to assess your heart health. With this tool you can compare your actual age to your heart's biological age, estimate your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and prioritize your most harmful cardiovascular risk factors.

how healthy is your heart?


  • Compare your actual age to your heart's biological age
  • Estimate your risk of developing cardiovascular disease
  • Prioritize your most harmful cardiovascular risk factors

Your heart is your engine, and it keeps life flowing through you every single day. Proper heart health can vastly improve quality of life, helping you to breathe easier, move faster, and feel younger. At Brookwood Baptist Health, heart care is a passion and a priority, which has led to better outcomes, improved experiences, and fuller lives for our patients.

The heart and vascular physicians of Brookwood Baptist Health specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the heart. From cardiothoracic surgery to routine screenings, stress tests to interventional cardiology, our team of specialists will develop a customized treatment plan to manage and improve your heart’s health.

Heart Services

  • Diagnostic Services — We offer a range of diagnostic tests including Echocardiology, Stress tests, EKG, pulmonary function testing, imaging, Chest x-ray, calcium CT scoring, Ultrasound, angiography, MRI and a full range of respiratory therapy.
  • Remote Monitoring
    • Holter monitoring – available to assist physicians in recording abnormal beats of the heart that may occur outside the hospital while the patient is at work, exercising, or resting. The recording captures every beat of the patient's heart for 24 hours allowing the physician the ability to match symptoms with the actual heart rhythm at the time of the discomfort or event. 
    • Event Monitoring – available which allows the patient to wear a monitor for up to 30 days and at the "press" of a button, record the electrical activity of their heart when irregular beats or discomfort is felt.
  • Screenings — Your cardiologist may recommend a series of tests of screenings to help measure heart health. Tests may include cholesterol, genetic/metabolic testing, urine analysis.
  • Interventional Cardiology — These specialists are trained in minimally invasive treatments that reverse, heal or stop heart disease progression.

The Structural Heart & Valve Center at Princeton

Structural Heart and Valve Disease is a blanket term covering a variety of heart conditions that impair the complex inner workings of the heart.  The Structural Heart and Valve Center at Princeton Baptist Medical Center fights heart valve disease and structural heart conditions with highly innovative, completely personalized treatments designed to reduce symptoms and prolong life—often with minimally invasive procedures instead of open-heart surgery.

Vascular Care

Our vascular and venous treatment team offers advanced treatment of vascular and venous disease through vascular/endovascular surgery and interventional cardiology.


Electrophysiology is the management of the heart’s rhythm. The electrophysiologists (arrhythmia specialists) of Brookwood Baptist Health work with patients who suffer from heart disturbances, providing a full range of services from diagnosis through recovery.

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