Shelby Baptist Medical Center Implements Birth Navigator Program

Jun 19, 2019

Program offers a tailored, one-to-one experience to prepare for delivery

Shelby Baptist Medical Center is excited to announce the Birth Navigator Program, the hospital’s newest offering for expectant mothers. The Birth Navigator Program - spearheaded by Lauren Owens, RN, IBCLC, coordinator of Prenatal Education at Shelby Baptist Medical Center - is designed to act as a personal guide for the journey to motherhood. While there are many special moments to look forward to when expecting, preparing for the arrival of the new addition can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. To help provide a balance between the two, Shelby Baptist Medical Center introduces the Birth Navigator Program designed to help expectant parents plan for the months leading up to delivery day.

“We are extremely proud to offer this customized service for our expectant parents,” stated Shawn Yarbrough, RN, manager of Women and Infants at Shelby Baptist Medical Center. “In today’s society where expectant parents are often working until their delivery date while also managing competing priorities of home life and other day-to-day commitments, having a resource to help alleviate some of that pressure by tailoring the approach to meet the needs of the parents helps alleviate some of the undue stress. The Birth Navigator Program goes beyond the traditional prenatal services to offer a more one-to-one approach.”

According to Shelby Baptist Medical Center patient, Bethany Schramm, who utilized the Birth Navigator services prior to her delivery, “The services offered through this program allowed me to really focus in on particular areas where I had more questions and felt I needed more guidance to help feel better prepared for delivery, and the one-to-one approach provided me with a level of attention and confidentiality that was invaluable as a first-time expectant mother. Even now, having delivered my first child, I know there would be benefits to the program beyond the traditional services that would be advantageous, and I would certainly plan to utilize this customized approach again in the future.”

Click here to learn more about Shelby Baptist Medical Center Birth Navigator sessions or to register.

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