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Renee's Women's Services Story

May 28, 2019

For 60-year old Renee Green, Dr. Brent Parnell is more than just an energetic physician with a signature bow tie and friendly smile. She describes him as someone with “great compassion for his patients."

The Green FamilyShown is Renee Green with her family. In her younger years, Renee delivered all four of her children vaginally, a hallmark to her incredible strength. But her strength in the delivery room would manifest itself in an entirely different way years later.

Because each of her babies weighed over eight pounds (one even came in weighing a whopping 11 pounds!), Renee suffered from a variety of vaginal conditions over the years. As a result, Renee was referred by her OBGYN, Dr. Julie Taylor of OBGYN South at the Women's Medical Center at Brookwood, to Dr. Brent Parnell, an urogynecologist with the Alabama Center for Urogynecology & Pelvic Pain, also at the Women’s Medical Center at Brookwood Baptist.

Dr. Parnell listened to Renee’s concerns and recommended a course of action tailored to her specific needs. “I ended up having my cervix removed, my bladder lifted and supported, and a rectocele (repair). Dr. Parnell joked and even called it the ‘blue plate special’,” she said. “He was so funny, and I love to laugh. Sometimes things like that make all the difference.”

Many people know Dr. Parnell by his signature bow tie and his contagious energy. But, Renee argues that his hallmarks of uniqueness are much more than that.

“He is highly trained, and truly cares for his patients”, Renee reports. “Dr. Parnell would visit with me and make me feel like I was the only patient he had that day. I never felt rushed. He had great bedside manner and was so attentive and kind.”

After her procedure, Renee eagerly shared her experience as often as she could. “I have told others about my care and have even referred friends,” she said. “Everything was just great.”

Renee is the grandmother to seven grandchildren and prepares to welcome the Christmas holidays with her family. She spent Veteran’s Day putting up her Christmas tree and has returned to a great quality of life.

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