Mission & Values

United in service & devotion to you

At Brookwood Baptist Health, we are dedicated to improving the overall well-being of our community by executing our mission: To extend the healing ministry of Christ through holistic, people-centered health care. In doing this, we hope to set a new standard in service and devotion to the people of Central Alabama.

The Core of Excellence

We demonstrate our values through our daily work as we serve each other and the community of individuals for whom we care. We believe that the embodiment of our core values accurately reflects our passion to give patients superior care through services, education and performance.


Devoted to Honor God through our words and actions; honoring God in all we do.


Devoted to ministering to every life with respect, compassion, and dignity.


Devoted to defining the highest standard of care and service in Central Alabama.


Devoted to being open and honest in communications and actions with integrity at the center of all we do.


Devoted to exploring simple solutions to existing and future challenges; having courageous creativity.